The dictionary meaning of Redaction-Editing means making the necessary arrangements on a written text and make it ready for publication. Our work is to arrange and render understandable a text translated from a foreign language and therefore minimize any question you may have when you are reading it. It is difficult to understand a foreign language.

Redaction (Proofreading)

One-to-one translations can sometimes appear to us as the clues of an incomplete puzzle. We, as the Redaction-Editing team, render this complex words understandable by you. We edit the translations made in accordance with their originals and thus make them more understandable. Through our expert notary sworn translators, we translate the agreements to be signed by importation & exportation companies that have intense dealings with abroad and editor staff and provide them for your service.

Professional Redaction Works

In addition, we also provide translation service for your company’s foreign guests and your foreign travels. You can contact our translation office when you require translation service and you can receive our help and support for it. Our Office also provides fast and secure translations for all your files and letters.

Editorial Services

In foreign languages a single word can have multiple meanings, for instance whereas eagle means a bird specie it can also mean golden money worth ten dollars. We, as the Redaction-Editing Team, stand at your service for providing with you with the most correct and meaningful translation and to prevent any misunderstanding on your side with our expert staff and personnel successful in their works. Many companies suffer from communication problems with their foreign partners and our team has dedicated itself to removing this.

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