Notarized Translation Services

Our expert translators, who have certificate of oath in their respective fields, translate all your documents or international agreements or officially transacted documents like Court instruments; these documents are later notarized by us and sent to your address by cargo. Notarized Translation is mostly required by official bodies.

Notarized Translation Services

We provide notarized translation services for procedures and documents like identity cards, certificates of marriage, divorce documents, adoption and certificates of naturalization. All documents you needed are prepared by us. The document is sent to you by cargo. Translation and Notary fees are separate from each other. All your personal and corporate transactions are conducted with adherence to the principle of confidentiality. We give you the ultimate assurance for protecting all your documents and information. It is necessary that the translation is in compliance with the contextual integrity of the document.

Notarized Sworn Translation Services

It is necessary that the translator’s certificate of oath is approved by the Notary certifying the translation. The documents are prepared in 2 copies each and brought to the notary. It is notarized thereafter. A copy is given to the customer after notarization. Translation offices fully engage in the preparation of documents for which notarization is required.

We will offer all services you may seek and we are at your service with a very rigorous and punctual manner of work conduct. All you need to do is reach us to benefit from our translation services and privileges.

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