Today, you may encounter many situations where you need to receive simultaneous translation service. If you would like to receive support from a reliable and expert staff for Oral Translation, you should know that you can meet your expectations in our company that has 20 years’ of experience in simultaneous translation.

What is Simultaneous Translation?

Simultaneous is a Latin rooted word and means something that occurs concurrently. Simultaneous translation means concurrent translation, in other words translation at the same instant.

We guarantee to assign professional translators that can perform the most correct oral translation in the personal or corporate sense. Our company’s headquarters is located in the Kartal Province of Istanbul and it continues its studies to aid the translation sector at every location of the nation. You will therefore witness that you will enjoy full satisfaction and you will conclude your works at a satisfactory address.

Simultaneous Translator

Our translation company, which renews itself every day and expands its translator portfolio, will continue to be unrivaled in the field of Simultaneous Translation. All you need to do is to contact us via our website and we will be over the telephone for the questions you are looking answers for.

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