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Commercial-Official Translation

Commercial-Official Translation Services

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Akademik Belge Çeviri
Academic Translation

Academic Translation Services

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Websitesi Çeviri
Website Translation

Website Translation Services

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E-Mail Translation

E-Mail Translation Services

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Subtitle Translation

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Dijital Çeviri CV-DVD-VCD
Digital Translation

Digital Translation Services

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Boşanma Kararı Tercümesi
Translation of Divorce Decision

When the marriage of the citizens of other countries comes to an end, the parties should consult to the family court for divorce. After the divorce decision is made and finalized, the official documents of the divorce are received from the court. The divorce decree of each country is written in its own language. The

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Distribütörlük Sözleşmesi Tercümesi
Distributorship Translation

Distributorship Translation The distributor is the person who gives information about the company’s products, works with the company contracted, and undertakes the task of product distribution. At the same time, these distributors encourage other people to do the job. Distributors best introduce the company’s products to the customers and try to sell the products. They

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Translation of Administrative Terms

Translation of Administrative Terms Administrative specifications are rules that specify which administrative aspects are to be used for the tender. The specifications are divided into administrative and technical. Administrative specifications are the rules for which the administrative aspects are stated in the tender files, and technical specifications are the rules that describe exactly what is

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