Notary Translation

Portakal Translation in 52 languages with our expert professional translators in the field in all notary Turkey’s foreign partners to establish companies, stock transfers, all kinds of power of attorney, attorneys powers of attorney, jailhouse lawyer powers of attorney, consent description, operations such as speed assignment dismissal waiver transactions and undertakings are done verbally ….


I’ll make a transaction at any notary foreigner in Turkey … Why do I need an interpreter?

Who want to make transactions in the Notary Turkish and foreign nationals, they do not know to read and write if (T. R. even citizens if they are) or have a hearing or speech is impaired in the Republic of Turkey borders in order to make the process there is a need sworn translator.

A person who wishes to make a transaction is obliged to take action with a sworn interpreter who can speak, even if the mother tongue is not a condition. Or, if the person has a hearing or speech impairment, a sign language interpreter or visually impaired interpreter is needed. This law is intended to protect the rights of official regulations on foreigners in Turkey. Through this process the state is to avoid the deceived and defrauded by foreigne

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