What is the duty of the interpreter in deed processing, what should he pay attention to, and how should he act?

On the day of sale, the seller, buyer and interpreter come together in the title deed. The land registry officer will thoroughly understand the questions to be asked and translate them to foreign persons. Since the real estate subject to the sale process is generally highly sophisticated, the interpreter has to translate with great care, without skipping anything during the cave transfer. For example, the price paid by the buyer for the sale amount should be clarified by the interpreter as the buyer receives the real estate at the tapped price. The interpreter who will serve in Tapud must be absolutely neutral and fulfill his duty with great care. Otherwise, it can cause an impossible situation to return.

Where is the interpreter authorized to translate in deed processing?

You can access sworn translators who have the authority to translate title deeds and provide the necessary documentation through various translation agencies. If you indicate that you are an authorized translator and an experienced interpreter, please state that you will request authorization documents from them after the agreement and that you will submit these documents to the official authority. Some translation agencies offer the documents of the authorized interpreter or provide an unskilled interpreter after they have agreed with you.


What is the price of an interpreter to translate in title deeds? How is the price of the translator determined?

The price of the translator who will translate in the title deed office shall be determined by the translating agency that supplies the translator. The federation member determines the price of the translation service by adding the distance of the title deed to the account according to the definition determined by the translation bureau federation.

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